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Dustin Minium is the protagonist of the nineteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Return to Ghost Camp.


Dustin Minium is forced by his parents to spend four weeks at Camp Full Moon, a sleepaway camp. On the bus ride to camp, Dustin is befriended by the athletic Ari Davis. As a joke, Ari and Dustin agree to swap names at camp.

When the boys arrive at camp, Dustin (pretending to be Ari) gets put in the best bunk, and Ari (pretending to be Dustin) gets put in the worst bunk. However, Dustin's special treatment doesn't stop here; everyone seems to be unusually nice to Dustin!

Dustin soon finds out that a creature called The Snatcher lives in the nearby woods, and it claims one victim per year. Dustin also finds out that Ari has been volunteered to face off against the creature. Nobody will believe that Dustin isn't Ari.

While in the woods, Dustin meets a girl named Laura. She plans to help Dustin escape by leading him across the river in the woods. When it comes time to escape, Laura says that they must swim across the river. Noah, one of Dustin's bunk-mates, suddenly appears, floating above the river. He commands Dustin to stop, but Laura keeps pulling Dustin forward. Noah explains he was The Snatcher's last victim, and Laura is The Snatcher. The river is filled with monsters, so if Dustin tries to swim in it, he will be drowned. But, if he can get to the other side of the river, all of the ghostly campers' spirits will be set free.

Laura transforms into The Snatcher and tries to attack Dustin, but Dustin is able to climb across a tree branch to the other side of the river. The Snatcher falls into the river and is pulled down by the monsters. Noah thanks Dustin before fading away. Dustin is proud of his accomplishment, but he slowly realizes that he doesn't know where he is or how he can get back across the river.

General information


Dustin is typically cowardly. He's afraid of bugs, and he's especially afraid of going to camp. When his bunk-mates tell him that he is going to be The Snatcher's next victim, he tries to trade places with Ari.

Physical appearance

Dustin is very skinny and has straight brown hair.