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Drew Brockman is the protagonist of the forty-eighth Goosebumps book, Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns, as well as its television adaptation.


Drew loved Halloween, but it was constantly being ruined by two mean kids named Tabby and Lee. She and her friends planned revenge one year to enact at a Halloween party but they didn't show up. The following year, Shane and Shana came up with a plan Drew loved, but it was almost stopped when her parents became concerned about her going trick or treating due to reports of missing people.

They eventually let her go out but soon the group was approached by two strange figures with Pumpkin heads, with flames shooting out of their faces. They assumed it was Shane and Shana but soon had their doubts. They were forced to trick or treat in a strange neighborhood for hours, and had to eat their candy to have more room in their bags. Later in the night, the Pumpkin Heads tried to put Jack O' Lanterns on Tabby and Lee's heads, but they ran screaming.

It was then revealed that it was indeed Shane and Shana the whole time, and they were able to take these forms because they were aliens from another planet. They told Drew that they don't eat candy and already had some plump adults earlier that night, revealing that they ate the missing people. They won't eat the kids because they aren't plump enough yet. Drew asked if they were joking, but got no answer.

General information

Physical appearance

In the book, Drew is described as shrimpy, along with having short, straight, black hair with a pointy chin and nose. In the television-episode, she is African-American.


She is obsessed with Halloween, seeing as its her favorite holiday. She is also tough, and hates it when people call her "Elf," and once stamped on Walker's foot when he called her that.