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The following is a list of characters from Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz in the order they appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Robby Schwartz

The protagonist and narrator. He likes to create web comics about super-villains because he finds them more fun and interesting. But he finds them less fun after facing his latest creation, Dr. Maniac.
Norman Schwartz and Mrs. Schwartz

Robby's parents. Dad makes fun of Robby's comics, while Mom is the only serious one in the family. They both love the outdoors.
Sam Schwartz

Robby's younger brother. He's the middle child, so he feels has to try harder to stand out. He gets kidnapped by Dr. Maniac.
Taylor Schwartz

Robby's seven year old sister. Her parents think everything she does is cute.
Dr. Maniac

A supervillain created by Robby. He is a self proclaimed maniac, to the point where he kidnaps kids to force them to skate.

Robby's best friend. She's so tiny that she looks like a first grader despite being eleven. She hates being mocked for her height.
Officer Rawls

A cop who, along with his partner, mistook another kid for Sam. He tries to help the family find their missing kid.

A boy with curly hair who is mistaken for Sam, even though he repeatedly told the cops he is not Sam.
Red Martinson

A talk show that likes at his own jokes. Robby hates him but his mom is a big fan.
Purple Rage

A perpetually angry super villain in a purple outfit who yells a lot. He is the sworn enemy of Dr. Maniac.
Congressman McCloo

A man in a gray suit that appears on Red's talk show.

A blonde woman with purple lipstick who is at the desk at the studio that shoots Red's talk show.

A group of kids that Dr. Maniac has kidnapped and forced to skate for an ice show.
Scarlet Starlet

A female supervillain in red who craves attention and fame.

Enter HorrorLand

Character Description
Carly Beth Caldwell and Sabrina Mason

Two girls invited to HorrorLand. They bump into Robby him and get him involved in a mystery revolving around missing kids.

A Horror that seems to be helping the kids. He is only mentioned.
Britney Crosby and Molly Molloy

Two girls that went missing. Robby meets them in the "Game Preserve" and they tell him about the "other park'
Slappy the Dummy

An evil living ventriloquist dummy that Robby faces off against.