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The following is a list of characters from Dr. Maniac Will See You Now in the order they appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
R.L. Stine

He opens the book by introducing the story.
Richard Dreezer

The protagonist and narrator. He is an outcast due to his allergies, and is annoyed by his family. He's really into comic books but finds out how dangerous supervillains can be.
Mrs. Calus

Richard's teacher. She is very nice, and wears rock band T-shirts.
Marcus Malooney

A bully who gets on Richard's case. Richard calls him 'the biggest 6th grader in the world"
Bree Birnbaum

A girl that Richard has a crush on. She finds him annoying but ends up on the adventure with him.
Barry Dreezer and Mrs. Dreezer

Richard's parents. They constantly argue over the littlest things. Barry is especially harsh towards him. Mom is only nice to Ernie.
Dr. Root

Richard's allergy doctor. He gives him a shot that he claims will make all his allergies go away. He turns out to be a supervillain who opened the doorway to the real world.

The main greeter and curator of the comic book museum. Richard likes him because he lets him do whatever he wants in the museum. He's a nice guy but Richard has never seen him smile.
Strange Man

A man in a black trench-coat that replaces Kahuna at the front the desk. His eyes has no pupils.
Ernie Dreezer

Richard's younger brother. He's always clowning around but his parents find him adorable, no matter what he does.
Captain Croacker and Terry Tadpole

A frog based supervillain and his tiny sidekick. Richard sees them on the sidewalk and later has to face off with them.
The SnakeMan from Saturn

A snake supervillain that replaces the strange man at the front desk of the comic book museum.
Dr. Maniac

A crazy comic book supervillain who has escaped in the real world. He claims he does not why the doorway to the real world was open but it turns he had teamed up with Dr. Root take over the world.
Slugmaster Slime

A slug supervillain that appears in the comic book museum.
Purple Rage

A supervillain who is always angry. He is Dr. Maniac's enemy but he eventually teams up with him.
Star Spangled Banger

A superhero that shows up to fight Purple Rage. As his name implies, his costume has stars and strikes on it.
Halley Tosis

A beetle supervillain. He is also known as "Baaad Breath".
Squeezer and Squisher

Two octopus themed supervillains Richard meets when he enters the comic book world. They are twins and often battle to see who should swallow their victims whole.
Scarlet Starlet

A female supervillain who is a Hollywood superstar during the day. She constantly craves attention.
Caped Corpuscle

A superbeing in a red costume who tells Richard that the superheroes and villains got bored of the real world.
The Masked Monkey

A Monkey supervillain who only starred in two comic books in the 70's. Richard has to fight him before getting back to the doorway.