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The following is a list of characters from Don't Go to Sleep! and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Matthew "Matt" Amsterdam

Book and TV episode Matt is the protagonist and narrator of the book. He is twelve-years-old and has thin, white-blond hair. As the youngest child in his family, Matt is often picked on by his older siblings, and finds it unfair when he's not allowed to do the things they are. When his mother forbids him from moving his bedroom into their house's guest room, Matt disobeys her orders and does so anyway. However, Matt soon finds his reality drastically changing each time he wakes up.
Greg Amsterdam

Book and TV episode Greg is Matt's older brother. He has wiry brown hair. Greg loves to tease Matt by speaking into a tape recorder and narrating his daily activities in an obnoxious manner.
Pam Amsterdam

Book and TV episode Pam is Matt's older sister. She has wiry brown hair like Greg, and much like him, she enjoys teasing Matt.

Book Biggie is the Amsterdam's dachshund. He seems friendly to everyone except Matt.
Mrs. Amsterdam

Book The mother of Matt, Greg, and Pam. She refuses to let Matt move his bedroom into the guest room.

Book When Matt first sleeps in the guest room, he wakes up to find himself as a teenager. His high school forces him to read a passage of Anna Karenina, and mocks Matt when he's unable to pronounce the character's names.
Mrs. McNab

Book The principal of Matt's high school. She's doesnt believe Matt when he tells her he's actually twelve and not sixteen.

Book A girl at Matt's high school. She picks Matt to join her volleyball team.
Gym teacher

Book Matt's high school gym teacher.

Book Lacie is a twelve-year-old girl with blond hair that Matt encounters while he's trapped as a teenager. While she's initially kind, Lacie turns out to actually be a member of the Reality Police, who are trying to track him down for breaking reality.
Fake Mr. and Mrs. Amsterdam

Book When Matt awakens the second time, he finds himself back as a twelve-year-old and without siblings. In his house, he meets two total strangers who claim to be his parents. Matt is unnerved by this, especially since his father died when he was a baby.
Andy and Margaret Amsterdam

Book In Matt's second reality, he tries to dial is aunt and uncle for help. However, their phone number now belongs to someone else, and they seemingly do not exist.

Book In Matt's third reality, his family owns a pet monkey named Pansy and are apart of the circus.

Book Hercules is a lion in the circus. Matt's "father" forces his son to ride on its back, but he too frozen in fear to do so.
Bruce and Wayne

Book Bruce and Wayne are two members of the Reality Police. They, along with Lacie, have been tasked with stopping Matt from warping reality.
Men in Black

TV episode In the television adaptation, Bruce, Lacie, and Wayne are replaced by two secret-agent looking men in black suits, who are also hunting Matt.

TV episode In the episode, one of Matt's realities sees him as a famous hockey player. When Matt keeps screwing up during the game, his coach relentlessly berates him.
Doctor and Nurse

TV episode In the episode, one of Matt's realities sees him as a famous surgeon. A doctor and nurse become frustrated when Matt seems too nervous to operate on his latest patient: The President of the United States.

TV episode In the episode, one of Matt's realities sees him trapped in a room with a bomb set to go off. The SWAT team leader becomes angry when Matt doesn't know which wire to cut.

TV episode In the episode, one of Matt's realities sees him on his wedding day. His bride is an ugly-looking woman who demands to know why Matt kept her waiting on their wedding day.
Reality Judge

TV episode In Matt's final reality in the episode, he is in a courtroom. The judge accuses him of committing a crime against reality, as he was unhappy with his home life. Matt claims innocence, but the judge declares him guilty.