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Dirk Davis is the main antagonist of the seventeenth Goosebumps book, Why I'm Afraid of Bees.


Dirk Davis, a young boy who lives in Millville, signs up for Person-to-Person Vacations, hoping to swap his mind with someone else. He chooses Gary Lutz so that Gary can help him excel in math so that he won't flunk and have to go to summer school. However, when the body swap happens, Gary winds up in a bee's body, the bee winds up in Dirk's body, and Dirk winds up in Gary's body. As Gary, Dirk manages to change Gary's life, becoming more cool and popular with the other kids and even more liked by Gary's own family. He then decides that he doesn't want to go back to his old life, feeling that Gary had a good life and neglected it. As such he chooses not to give Gary his body back, at one point attempting to swat him with a comic book. Gary eventually gets the bees from his neighbor Mr. Andretti's hive to swarm on Dirk, allowing Gary to sting Dirk in the nose. This somehow manages  to cause the three minds to snap back into their proper bodies. A few days later, Dirk apologizes to Gary for everything and the two become friends.

General information

Physical appearance

Dirk is described as being tall and athletic with blond hair. His photo given to Person-To-Person Vacations shows him wearing black Lycra bike shorts and a blue muscle shirt. Gary states that he looks a lot like a surfer.


Dirk is a kid who often acts cool and is talented at many things, with the exception of his school work. In Gary's body, his talents manage to make Gary popular with everyone who once gave Gary a hard time. However, he is also very possessive, not willing to get give Gary his body back. Regardless, he does have some humility and actually apologizes to Gary after the events.