Devin O'Bannon is one of two protagonists in Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask.


Devin O'Bannon is dreading this Halloween. Not just because he won't be able to spend it with his best friend Lu-Ann Franklin, but because he has to spend it on a pumpkin farm his dad bought. While walking along the patch at night with his twin sisters Dale and Dolly, they sing about the pumpkins coming to life, which bothers Devin because he's genuinely afraid of pumpkins. But as he spends more time on the farm, things involving the pumpkins get weirder and weirder. At first he thinks he sees the pumpkin vines moving on their own. Next, while carving Jack-O'-Lanterns, the pumpkins begin to feel like human flesh. Then later, the Jack-O'-Lanterns turn into ugly faces that vomit pumpkin guts.

Devin soon meets a kid named Haywood Barnes, the son of Mrs. Barnes, the housekeeper. Haywood brings up that the pumpkin patch was grown on the burial ground of soldiers who died during the civil war. The scary events are believed to be the work of the ghosts sending their hate into pumpkins, but one ghost, the Grave-Master, haunts the farm on their own. On Halloween night, Devin spots Haywood floating off the ground. He's revealed to be one of the ghosts. It is also revealed that Mrs. Barnes was the Grave-Master, and she was trying to set things up so that Devin would become Haywood's friend forever. They try to shove Devin into Haywood's grave, when Lu-Ann shows up wearing The Haunted Mask. She manages to send Haywood into his grave while Mrs. Barnes follows. This act of kindness was enough for the mask to finally leave Lu-Ann's face.

General information

Physical appearance

Devin is described as having red, curly hair.


Devin is rather good natured. He has a serious fear of pumpkins, which is made no better when he begins to believe that they are coming to life.

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