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The following is a list of characters from Deep Trouble II and its television adaptation in order of appearance or mention.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Billy Deep

Book and TV episode The returning protagonist and narrator. Billy is depicted as an adventurous boy staying with his uncle, a marine biologist.
Sheena Deep

Book and TV episode Sheena is Billy's sister. She is typically more astute than Billy, but she tries her hand at pranking him.
Dr. George Deep

(Dr. Harold Deep in the TV episode)

Book and TV episode Dr. Deep, also known as Dr. D. is a marine biologist. In the book, Dr. D. is depicted a researcher, but, in the episode, he is a scientist. In the adaptation, he is the inventor of the chemical used to make fish grow.
Billy and Sheena Deep's mother and father

Book Though only mentioned very briefly, Billy does talk about his parents. He mentions that they brag about Sheena's high grades in school.
Dr. Ritter

(Dr. Jake Ritter in the TV episode)

Book and TV episode In both the book and the television episode, Dr. Ritter is a scientist. In the book, he is the inventor of a growth hormone that can be given to krill, making fish that eat the krill grow. In the episode, he is a worker for Dr. Deep, but Ritter tries to take Deeps experiment and sell it.
Mel Mason

Book Mel is a burly, blond henchman who is turned into a fish by Dr. Ritter.
Adam Brown

Book Adam is one of Ritter's henchman. He has curly hair and a "beaky" nose. Adam's fate is never revealed.
Luis Ferrara

TV episode Luis is a worker for Dr. Deep who goes missing early in the episode. However, it turns out that Dr. Ritter paid Luis to try Dr. Deep's experimental chemicals, which turned the assistant into a fish-person hybrid.

TV episode Janet is a maid to Dr. Deep. She is rather stern with Billy and Sheena.