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Daniel Merton is a character in the thirtieth Goosebumps book, It Came from Beneath the Sink!, and its accompanying television adaptation. He is the younger brother of Kat Merton and the best friend of Carlo.


When Daniel and his family move into a new house, their dog, Killer, finds a strange, sponge-like creature beneath the kitchen sink. Immediately, Daniel takes an interest in the creature, leading to conflict with sister, Kat, over who should own it. 

However, upon discovery of the creature, bad luck soon befalls the Merton family. First, Mr. Merton falls from a ladder in the garage, and later, Killer goes missing. As Kat looks for ways to destroy the creature, Daniel searches for its true identity. Eventually, he finds it, in a book entitled Encyclopedia of the Weird. The book reveals that the creature is a Grool, a monster that feeds off the bad luck of others. 

Desperate to end the Grool's hold over the family, Kat tries to destroy the creature in the garbage disposal, and later, attempts smashing it with a book. He and Kat even attempt to bury the Grool, but this plan also proves unsuccessful.

Out of options, Kat attempts to defeat the Grool through non-violent means. She softly sings to the creature, treating it as if were a normal pet. Disgusted, the Grool shrinks until there is nothing left.

With their luck back to normal, and Killer back, Daniel and Kat start to celebrate. However, their happiness is short-lived. The kids discover that Killer has brought home a new monster, a potato-like creature with razor-sharp teeth, which matches the description of the Lanx, the Grool's far more deadly cousin.

General information


Kat describes Daniel as immature, as he is constantly whining if he doesn't get his way. He and his best friend, Carlo, are always bugging her. Despite this, he and his sister seem to get along fine, and he aids her as she attempts to destroy the Grool, being the one who successfully uncovers its identity.

Physical appearance

Kat describes Daniel as having straight, light brown hair that's always getting in his eyes.


  • Daniel's actor, Tyrone Savage, also portrays the character of Nicholas Morgan in Strained Peas.