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Not to be confused with Crystal from Cry of the Cat.

Crystal is the protagonist of the fifty-third book in the Goosebumps series, Chicken Chicken.


When Crystal was four years old, her parents — two computer programmers — moved their family to a farm in Goshen Falls. Crystal's parents own chickens, which Crystal hates.

One day, in front of the grocery store, Crystal, Cole and Anthony bump into Vanessa, causing Vanessa to drop all of her groceries. Because of her reclusive nature, many of the kids believe that Vanessa is a witch. Anthony apologizes and runs away. Crystal and Cole are too scared to speak. Vanessa points at Crystal and says, "Chicken chicken." The siblings quickly return home.

Over the course of the next few days, the siblings slowly begin turning into chickens. Crystal's lips begin hardening into a beak, and she can't stop clucking. Crystal participates in a basketball game, but she ends up interrupting the game because she is acting like a chicken on the court.

Ultimately, Crystal and Cole decide that they will need to go to Vanessa's house and look for a spell book so they can change themselves back into humans. Vanessa walks in on the siblings and they beg her to be turned back into their normal selves. Vanessa initially declines, and she explains that she cursed the siblings because, unlike Anthony, they didn't apologize for bumping into her. Crystal thanks Vanessa for explaining. Vanessa, impressed by the humble letter, turns the kids back into humans.

Vanessa offers the kids a drink, which they accept and drink. Cole burps, and both kids laugh. This infuriates Vanessa, causing her to point at them and cast another spell: "Pig pig."

General information


Crystal is good-natured and far more responsible than her younger brother, Cole.

Physical appearance

Crystal has dark red hair. She is tall and thin. Mrs. Wagner, the local bakery store owner, says that Crystal is very pretty. On the cover of the book, Crystal has blue eyes, though her eye color is not actually specified in the book.


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