The following is a list of characters from Creature Teacher: The Final Exam in the order they appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Tommy Farrelly

The protagonist and narrator. Tommy is the only member of his family not to be a winner. Due to this, his family ships him off to Winner Island Camp.
Mr. and Mrs. Farrelly

Tommy and Darleen's parents. They are ultra competitive and like to win at everything. They send Tommy to Winner Camp Island to become a better winner.
Darleen Farrelly

Tommy's six year old sister. Like her parents, she too wins at everything and is just as ultra competitive.

A counselor at Winner Island Camp who mans the boat to Winner Island.

A man who pretends to be a counselor, but actually just steals Tommy's duffel bag.
Uncle Felix

The camp director. He's a small, skinny man. Afraid to confront Mrs. Maaargh, he instead strikes a deal with her. They make an agreement that she can only eat one camper each year.

A camper at Winner Island Camp. She tries to help Tommy, but also tries to keep him at the bottom of Mrs. Maaargh's list, so she won't be eaten.

An assortment of unnamed campers who, just like everyone else on Winner Island, compete to ensure they won't be at the bottom of Mrs. Maaargh's list.

Tommy's cabin mate. Like Sophie, he constantly tricks Tommy into making more and more mistakes so he'll stay at the bottom of the list.
Mrs. Maaargh

A giant grotesque monster who acts as the camp's teacher. Every year she eats whoever is on the bottom of her Wait Watchers Chart.

A large, bald counselor who beats up Tommy during a game of Mud Tag.
Mr. Baaargh

A two-headed monster who replaces Mrs. Maaargh as camp teacher after she flees the island. He also sticks to the winners chart, promising to eat the bottom two.
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