The following is a list of characters from Creature Teacher in the order they appear.

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Character Description
Paul Perez

The protagonist and narrator. Paul is a joker that often gets himself in trouble at school. After a prank goes too far, his parents send him off to the Caring Academy.
Mr. and Mrs. Perez

Paul's parents. Tired of him constantly causing trouble, they send him to the Caring Academy.

Paul's pet parrot who gets Paul into more trouble after he brings him to school.
Miss Hammett

Paul's former teacher, whom he accidentally injures.
Mr. Klane

The dean of students at the Caring Academy.

Mrs. Maaargh's son. Paul suspects Marv of trying to sabotage him so that Mrs. Maaargh will eat Paul.
Celeste Majors

One of Paul's schoolmates. She tries to warn Paul to leave the school as soon as possible.
Molly Bagby

Another of Paul's classmates. She also tries to warn Paul to leave. She sabotages Paul's plans for the talent show because she'll be the one to be eaten as she's just above Paul in the food chain.

Paul's roommate and fellow classmate. He plays violin, which is a concern for Molly because she does as well, and both children can't perform the same act for Mrs. Maaargh's talent show.
Mrs. Maaargh

A giant monster who is the teacher of Paul's class. She places her students on a food chain, with the the student at the bottom being the one she'll eat next. She also holds a talent show to determine who will be at the bottom of the food chain. After Paul makes a bad first impression, she places him on the bottom of the chain.

Another of Paul's classmates.
Peter Clarke

Another of Paul's classmates. Previously on the bottom of the food chain before being moved up.
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