Craig Morgenstern is the protagonist of the ninth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Are You Terrified Yet?.


After enduring years of teasing for being easy to scare, Craig is ready to begin anew when his family moves into the town of Middle Valley. His desires to be seen as brave are finally realized when in a heroic act, Craig stops a car crash, saving a baby that was trapped inside. 

Craig's actions earn him the label of a hero, as well as the attention of Amy Suskind and her friends, Travis and Brad. While Amy takes an interest in him, Travis and Brad believe Craig's newfound popularity is simply a result of good luck, and that Craig isn't as he seems. Defending him, Amy challenges the two to come up with something that will scare Craig.

Their first is relatively simple. Craig has to stick his hand in a jar of spiders for five minutes. Their next challenge is much tougher and leads Craig to an active funeral parlor. The two challenge him to sneak into the building and lie down in one of the coffins inside. He does so but discovers Travis waiting for him, dressed like a corpse. Disappointed, Travis exits the building, but not before one final challenge is issued for Craig.

He must lie down in a coffin again, this time with a real corpse. When the night comes, Craig does as instructed. As he lies down, however, other corpses begin to rise from their coffins, staggering towards them. They plead Craig to save them, before running off into the night. Ultimately, this was revealed to all be a revenge prank pulled by Craig, for everything they put him through.

In the book's conclusion, we see Craig declaring himself a superhero. However, as he walks home he wishes it wasn't so dark, revealing he still retains a bit of his old self.

General information


Craig is goodnatured but easily scared by a variety of things, including insects, basements, and the dark. This made him an easy target for bullies at his old school. Oftentimes, they would try to scare him. Others, they taunted him with the nickname C-C-C-Craig, in reference to his frightened stammering. When he arrives in Middle Valley, Craig hopes to leave that version of himself in the past. While Craig may be easy-to-scare, we do see glimpses of his bravery, even if they often are the result of good luck. Craig uses his newfound popularity at school to his advantage. He brags about his actions, which is eventually what leads to him going through these challenges.

Physical appearance

Craig describes himself as short and skinny, with brown hair that refuses to stay down.

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