Courtney Smith is a character from the second Goosebumps Most Wanted: Special Edition book, The 12 Screams of Christmas.


Courtney started bullying Kate since their fifth grade, when Kate saw a ghost for the first time. Kate is the only kid in school who has that ability, so Courtney naturally thought Kate was crazy. Since that spring, Courtney and many other kids started calling Kate “Ghost Girl”. One year passed, and the two girls are competing with each other for the lead role in the Christmas play. After they have a big fight, Mr. Piccolo, their Drama teacher, decides not to give the lead role to them, giving it to another girl, instead. A week later, the class goes to a haunted house to rehearse the play. There, Kate sees a family of ghosts, who capture her and force her to celebrate Christmas with them. The ghosts say that if Kate wants to go free, she must bring back Flora, a little girl who, many years ago, fell into a well and died. Kate asks Courtney for her help, as she can’t reach the bottom of the well alone. Courtney laughs at her, but agrees on doing it. After they rescue Flora, Courtney still can’t see the ghostly family, so they make themselves visible to Courtney, who instantly runs away screaming. Now kids call her Ghost Girl, instead of Kate.

General information


Courtney is a bully who is always picking on Kate Welles, a girl from her class. She is really competitive, and is constantly trying to get Kate into trouble.

Physical appearance

Courtney is twelve years old. She is Caucasian, has brown hair and brown eyes.

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