Courtney King is a character in the fifteenth Goosebumps book, You Can't Scare Me!, and its television adaptation.


Eddie and his friends can't stand Courtney. She's a showoff. Nothing seems to scare her, and her constant acts of bravery leave the group the laughingstock of their school. After a class field trip, Eddie decides it's time to scare Courtney for real. He puts a rubber snake in her lunch — and even tries dropping a tarantula on her head. But their plans to scare her keep going awry, because she is completely unafraid every time.

After numerous attempts, Eddie and his friends decide that it might just be impossible to frighten Courtney. However, he gets a bright idea one School morning. Courtney believes in monsters- especially the Mud Monsters of Muddy Creek, said to rise once a year when the moon is full. Eddie recruits his brother Kevin to dress up as one of the monsters in hopes it will finally scare Courtney. The group successfully lure Courtney and her friend Denise into Muddy Creek, but things don't go as planned.

The real Mud Monsters emerge out of the creek, and finally, Courtney screams. However, Eddie is too afraid himself to celebrate the victory. Weeks later, he is still tense and paranoid over the events at Muddy Creek. Everyone but Courtney is. She's begun bragging that she was right about monsters all along. Eddie wants to scare her again — but he's too afraid to try now.

General information


Courtney is extremely brave. Things that would scare most people don't seem to affect her. She holds a tarantula and even bees in her hand without flinching. She rescues Eddie from a green snake, which she tells him is completely harmless.

Her attitude has made Eddie and his friends dislike her greatly, as they see her as nothing but a showoff. They try their best to scare her, but nothing seems to work, and they only end up embarrassed.

Courtney is shown to be kind and helpful to some people, but she does have her moments of teasing and mocking others. She firmly believes in monsters, and when she encounters them for real, she brags about how she was right about their existence all along.

Physical appearance

Courtney is described as having blonde hair and blue eyes.


  • Courtney is never given a surname in the book, but is given one in the television adaptation.
  • The way in which Courtney bores the Mud Monsters to death in the television episode is reminiscent of a piece of Greek mythology in which Hermes uses long and uninteresting stories to bore the giant Argus Panoptes into sleeping; Hermes then casts a spell that makes Argus's sleep eternal.
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