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Cory Duckworth is a character in the sixth and final Goosebumps Hall of Horrors book, The Birthday Party of No Return!. He is both a friend and a rival to Lee Hargrove.


Cory is known to be incredibly lucky, as everything seems to go his way, much to the chagrin of his friend Lee. He is also very athletic, which is how he got to be up for a scholarship to a summer sports camp, along with Lee and Laura Grodin, another one of his friends. He received a vulture's claw in the mail, an item that gives the owner good luck, which caused his luck to increase even more.

Lee discovered that kissing the claw gives you bad luck, so after failing to give it to Cory at his birthday party, he kissed it to give Cory back luck. This led to bad luck to both them, as they get knocked out during a football game. Despite the bad luck, he and Lee became finalists for the scholarship.

However, a hallucination caused Lee to attack Cory, who fought back in retaliation. This led to them being disqualified and Laura getting it. A week later, they were having a laugh about the whole thing when Laura revealed that was the one who sent them to claws and kissed them so that they would bring them bad luck. She then went on the bus to camp, leaving them standing there.

General information


Cory can come across as cocky and sometimes flaunts how lucky he is, even as he performs good deeds. However, he considers Lee to be his best friend and showed this when he gave Lee his claw, saying that Lee needed it more than him.

Physical appearance

Cory has curly blond hair, round blue eyes, and a dimple in his chin.