Cory Calder is the antagonist of "The Revenge", the second story in Goosebumps Triple Header: Book 2


Cory was a bully that set his sights on Amelia after she told on him for pulling the fire alarm. After he threw a tennis ball into traffic so that her dog, Fluffy, would run after it, she swore revenge.

She got it with the help of a psychic named Madame Margo who gave her the power to astral project herself. However, her trick only resulted in him getting angrier and he continued to bully her friend, Issac.

It was later revealed that Madame Margo is his aunt, so he got astral projection powers from her. He planned to trap Amelia in the astral realm forever, as you can only spend an hour outside of your body before getting trapped.

Fluffy, who had accidentally joined Amelia in the astral realm, was able to fend him off and even when he got his body back, she scared him back into his house. While Fluffy got trapped in the astral realm, she manages to keep Cory in line, ensuring that he doesn't bother anyone again.

General information

Physical appearance

He has short, crinkly red hair and a big beefy face. Amelia states he is the biggest kid in the eighth grade and has eyes the color of mud.


Cory is a cruel bully. Besides picking on kids and giving them insulting nicknames, he almost gets Amelia's dog killed. He proved himself to be especially cruel when he planned to trap Amelia in the astral realm forever.

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