This is a list of any contests, sweepstakes or giveaways held in association with the Goosebumps franchise.


  • What Gives You Goosebumps contest (deadline August 31, 1994) - this contest asked respondents to write 'what gives you goosebumps' in 25 words or less. Winners got their picture, their "monsterized" picture, and story to appear in new Goosebumps books. A total of six winners were selected each month from March 1994 to August 1994. Winners were announced on the back inside cover of Goosebumps books from December 1994 (book #26) through May 1995 (book #31).
  • Upcoming Goosebumps book title contest - Come up with a title for a new book by R.L. Stine. The winner was the title 'Slime Doesn't Pay' which was supposed to be the title of Stine's next book. [1]


  • Terror-ific Goosebumps Giveaway Contest - Winner Jack Archer got to tour the F/X studios where Goosebumps TV show creatures are created, star in a new Goosebumps TV episode, and was written into an upcoming Goosebumps book: Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1.


Secret Scare Sweepstakes bookad from OS 58 1997

Ad from book #58

  • Secret Scare Sweepstakes (deadline October 9, 1997) - If you find the phrase "Secret Scare" hidden somewhere in original series book #58, your prize will be revealed.


  • Sail with the Stars Sweepstakes (deadline May 1, 1998) - Complete the entry form and and you could win a chance to meet R.L. Stine on a Sail with the Stars Disney Cruise occurring on August 31-September 7, 1998.
  • Creepstakes Contest (deadline October 1, 1998) - Use the story starter words found in the back of books and in-store displays throughout the summer (Series 2000 books #6-9) to create a story no longer than three pages. Send your story in to Scholastic and you could win:
  • Brain Juice Terrifying Title Contest (Deadline October 8, 1998) - Think up a scary title for a new Goosebumps book, and you could win a visit to your school from R.L. Stine [2]. Lacona, Iowa fifth grader Braden Thomas Gardner won the contest with the title 'Dead Dogs Still Fetch'. [3] Students at Southeast Warren Intermediate School got 'Brain Juice' contest T-shirts, $1000 for the purchase of classroom equipment, 100 new Goosebumps books and a brand-new computer. Stine came to the school to write a short story based on Braden's winning title. The contest was sponsored by General Mills.
  • Series 2000 Brain Juice Sweepstakes (deadline 1998) - Open a box of General Mills products and if you find a Goosebumps Prize card, you win instantly:
    • Grand Prize - A Trip for four to see Goosebumps: Live on Stage including a backstage tour
    • Other prizes - A Goosebumps: Live on Stage T-shirt, Ultimate Goosebumps video, set of 12 Goosebumps Series 2000 books, Goosebumps CD-ROM from DreamWorks Interactive, a Goosebumps 2000 T-shirt.


  • TV Crawl of Fame contest (deadline September 30, 1999) - Fill out the ballot for your favorite TV episodes, actor performance, etc. and the final results will be posted on


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