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Conrad DeForest is a character in the fifty-first Goosebumps book, Beware, the Snowman. He is the father of Jaclyn DeForest.


Conrad was a sorcerer who lived in Sherpia along with his wife. One day, they accidentally created a monster and trapped him in the body of a snowman and they were unable to control it. They trapped the snowman in an ice cave on a mountain above the village. While his wife wanted to leave, he stayed as he felt he owed it to the village to keep the snowman from harming people.

He moved to a cabin near the bottom of a mountain, and got a pet wolf named Wolfsbane. No one in the village seemed to be aware he was a sorcerer and some of the kids were afraid of him, thinking he might work for the snowman. When Jaclyn came across his cabin, he tried to warn her about the snowman but she was scared of him and didn't listen.

When he heard her at the top of the mountain facing the snowman, he used his powers to create snowman that pushed the snowman into the ice wall, trapping it forever. Aunt Greta then revealed to Jaclyn and Conrad that he was her father, and he said he hopes with the snowman gone, they can be a family again.

General information


He initially comes off as mysterious and antagonistic, even as he warns Jaclyn about the snowman. He eventually turns out to be helpful as he is able to ward off the snowman, and wants to be a family again with Jaclyn and Aunt Greta.

Physical appearance

He is tall and thin, with a thick pure white beard, silver gray eyes, and gray hair tied in a ponytail.


  • He is similar to the Swamp Hermit, as he is also a mysterious character who lives in a cabin that is at first thought to be an antagonist, but turns out to be good.
  • In Goosebumps HorrorTown, he appears in the The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena storyline, prior to the Beware, the Snowman update being added.