The following is a list of characters from Claws! in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
The Story-Keeper

The Story-Keeper (who also calls himself "The Listener") narrates the introduction to this book.
Mickey Coe

Mickey is a welve year-old kid who loves cats. He is the main protagonist of the book. He owns a pet mouse named Zorro, and three goldfish named Nick, Joe and Kevin.
Amanda Underwood

Mickey's neighbor and best friend. Although they know each other since they were really young, Mickey and Amanda usually have arguments. Amanda apparently likes to compare Mickey to fruit or vegetables, even if it does not make sense. She is short and thin, and has straight copper-colored hair. She has big blue eyes. Mickey describes her as being really talkative.
Bella the Cat

A black cat of which Mickey and Amanda have to take care in exchange for 50 dollars.
Mr. and Mrs. Caplan

The Caplans are Mickey's neighbors and the owners of Bella. Mr. Caplan is short and chubby, and doesn't talk very much. He has short, wavy gray hair, and wears round glasses. He was Mickey and Amanda's fifth-grade teacher. Mrs. Caplan is tall and thin, and has straight black hair, and big green eyes. She likes to wear bright colors, and talks in a deep voice. She is a drama teacher at the high school.
Truck driver

He is the driver who accidentally hit Bella with the truck he was in. He is a big man with a big belly, scraggly black hair and a short black beard.
Cat Heaven employees

  • Lucy
  • Lou
  • Three unnamed men

They work at Cat Heaven, a pet store near Mickey's house. Lou is tall and thin. He has black hair, two tiny black eyes, and a pointed chin that makes him resemble a bird. After stealing Bella from the store, Lou and two other workers appear several times throughout the book looking for Mickey, to tell him the truth about the cat he stole. The third man only appears once, and no information is given about him.
Mr. and Mrs. Coe

Mickey's parents. Very little information about them is given to the reader.
Miss Harris

The History teacher.

A boy from Mickey's class, who sits right next to him. He is a big, happy-looking guy with spiky red hair and a lot of freckles. He wears glasses.
Mr. Weston

Mr. Weston is the gym teacher at Mickey's school, South Middle School. He has a huge stomach, shaggy blonde hair, and a bushy mustache. Mickey says that he doesn't really look like a gym teacher, due to Mr. Weston being totally out of shape.
Greg Baum

Greg is a fourth-grader Mickey knows from Sunday school. He helps Mickey getting out of a locker he was stuck in.
Steven Sweeney

Steven is the protagonist of the next Goosebumps Hall of Horrors book, Night of the Giant Everything. The Story-Keeper introduces Steven to the reader after Mickey finishes his story.
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