Claudia Sloves is a minor-antagonist in the twenty-fifth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Ghost in the Mirror.


Claudia Sloves is two years older than her twelve-year-old brother, Jason. Ever since they were young, Claudia has tormented Jason by pranking and teasing him. Some of her jokes are tame, like putting ice-cold hands on Jason's neck. However, some of her jokes are more extreme, such as tying a dead rat to fishing line and pulling it to trick a ten-year-old Jason into believing it's alive.

Throughout the book, Claudia continues to prank Jason. For instance, she wears a rubber monster mask and jumps out at Jason. She also writes a story about how Jason's mirror is haunted, likely to scare him. When Jason finds a threatening note beside his new mirror and dresser, he appropriately assumes its one of his sister's tricks. However, it turns out that mirror is sinister, and Jason ultimately has to destroy it.

General information


Claudia has an incredibly bold personality. At school, this works in her favor, as she's popular and has a large friend-group. However, her sense of humor is twisted, and she ends up treating her brother very poorly for her own amusement.

Physical appearance

Claudia has thick, springy, black hair and wears red glasses. Additionally, she has red-and-blue braces, which are often bound with rubber bands.

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