Chris Wakely is a character in the Tales to Give You Goosebumps short story "The House of No Return", and its television adaptation.


Chris Wakely was the new kid in town and wasn't sure how to make friends. When Robbie, Lori and Nathan saw him pass by, they decided to let him join in their club called "Danger Inc." They told Chris that if he stays in The House of No Return for one hour, then he'll be in the club. Chris rejected their request.

Later on, it's revealed that Lori, Robbie and Nathan had tricked him on the phone and Chris was forced to spend 1 hour in The House of No Return. With Chris begging them to let him out, they refused. Chris then heard ghostly voices. Unknown of what might have happened to him, until Chris got lucky and decided to make a deal that he would trade himself for Lori, Robbie and Nathan so that the Man and Woman Ghosts would have three children instead of only one child. In the end Chris was able to go home while Lori, Nathan and Robbie remain trapped inside The House of No Return forever. 

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