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Susan Chopman, a.k.a. Chop Suey is the antagonist of "What's Cooking?", the tenth and final story of More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


In 1947, Susan Chopman served as the cafeteria cook for Mill Road School. She was best known for serving "Mystery Meat" every day at lunch. Sue would leave school with a cleaver every day and return with a bag of fresh meat. Her meals consisted of the likes of "Chinese Surprise" and chopped fingers, which she claimed to be hot dogs in tomato soup. The kids rebelled and started calling her "Chop Suey". She went into a fit of rage and started chopping up everything in the school until she was eventually arrested. She would die soon after, but it was believed that her spirit still haunted the school.

Fifty years later, two cousins named Robert and Diana sneak into Mill Road School while it's under construction. They enter Chop Suey's old kitchen, stand on their tiptoes and say "Chop Suey" three times. Strange things begin to happen. Robert's PB&J sandwich is replaced with liver and their backpacks have been chopped up. At school the next day, they meet "Aunt Sue" who offers them "hot dogs in tomato soup". The kids decline and it's soon revealed that Aunt Sue is actually the ghost of Chop Suey. Before she can kill them, the kids say her name three times backwards ("Suey Chop") to make her disappear. Robert and Diana head home later that night seeing that Robert's mother has ordered Chinese food. But she gets angry that her husband always orders the same thing, "Chop Suey! Chop Suey! Chop Suey!". Then the doorbell rings.

General Information


Chop Suey is a deranged psychopath who is quick to anger. When she doesn't get complements for the meals she makes, she goes into a fit of uncontrollable rage, chopping up everything in her path. She is also a confirmed murderer, often using her victim's body parts as food to feed the students, adding to her already twisted mental state.


Chop Suey is described as being a rather large woman, six feet tall, with wild black eyes and a round face that often carries a nasty scowl.


  • The method of summoning Chop Suey is an allusion to the folklore legend of Bloody Mary, but could also be in reference to either the 1992 film Candyman or the 1988 film Beetlejuice.
    • Alternatively, the method of saying her name backwards to defeat her is an allusion to the method of defeating Mister Mxyzptlk.