"Squeal of Fortune" is part one of a a three-part mini-series. It is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of the Goosebumps TV series. It was directed by William Fruet. It premiered April 25th, 1998 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.


Jessica finds the model town and gets sucked into it. Karl then convinces her to sell lemonade that everyone seems to like. Her greediness gets the best of her and she starts to raise up her prices for the lemonade. Soon the whole town is trying to get lemonade, and Jessica tries to scam the customers to get more money. But her plan is revealed and she then turns into a pig. Karl then tells everyone to get her, and she is chased by the whole town. She then escapes by calling home in a phone booth.






  • When Karl presents Jessica with the lemonade sachet, he changes from holding it at the top, to the side, then back and forth again.
  • Just before Jessica goes and asks the woman with the perm if she would like some lemonade, we see Nicki put the plastic cups down beside the "Cash" box. In the next camera shot of Jessica talking to the woman, the cups are on the other side of the table. They are back in their original place in the next camera shot.
  • Whenever people walk by cars, such as Jessica and Karl after they first meet, crew members are reflected in the car windows.
  • When Jessica pours the Lemonade into the Container so that she can tell the people that there was none left but one cup, she did not put the lid back on it, but when, she kicked the container over the lid fell off of it as if it were on there the whole time.



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