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The following is a list of characters from Chicken Chicken in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description

The protagonist and narrator. She and her family moved to a small farm in Goshen Falls when she was only four years old. Her parents own chickens, which she hates.
Crystal's mother and father

Though they are computer programmers, Crystal's parents live on a farm and own chickens.

Crystal's ten year old brother. He as wavy blond hair, and he is very skinny. Cole also has a tendency to get himself into trouble.
Mrs. Wagner

Mrs. Wagner is the owner of a bakery in Goshen Falls.

There are many rumors circulating in Goshen falls about Vanessa being a witch. However, all of these rumors turn out to be true. In addition to practicing witchcraft, Vanessa cares deeply about manners.

Anthony is one of Cole's friends. Because Anthony apologizes to Vanessa after bumping into her, he doesn't go through the same transformation that Crystal and Cole do.
Franny Jowett and Jeremy Garth

Franny and Jeremy are two of Cole's troublesome friends. Near the beginning of the book, they are dared to vandalize Vanessa's mailbox, which they attempt to do.
Tommy Pottridge

According to local legend, Tommy Pottridge played a prank on Vanessa, so she cast a spell on him. The spell supposedly deformed Tommy.
Coach Clay

Coach Clay is Crystal's basketball coach.

Lucy-Ann is one of Crystal's friends. She hosts a birthday party, and Crystal attends.
Mrs. Mellon

Mrs. Mellon is the music teacher at Crystal and Cole's school.
Lucy-Ann's family

  • Seven siblings
  • Mother
  • Father

Lucy-Ann's parents appear at her party. Crystal also says that Lucy-Ann has seven brothers and sisters.
Aunt Norma

Though only briefly mentioned, Crystal's aunt Norma appears at her family's barbecue.