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"Change for the Strange" is the sixth short story in the book Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Jane Meyers loves track and field, but her best friend, Lizzy, is more interested in clothing than running. Yet, the girls get along well since they like dancing to the same music and watching Animaniacs together.

While heading home from school one day, Lizzy convinces Jane to stop at a thrift-store called A Change for the Strange. Lizzy picks out a pair of bunny slippers, and Jane dons a red snakeskin jacket. Just as Lizzy is arriving home, she notices that Jane isn't looking well. Jane decides to go to her own home, but — once she's alone — she begins noticing changes. Before long, Jane realizes she's turned into a red snake. Jane enters Lizzy's house, hoping to get Lizzy's help. Jane positions herself in front of the television in an attempt to reveal her identity, but Lizzy is too scared to notice. Lizzy's brother, Ivan, catches Jane. Ivan notices what appears to be a zipper on the snake, which he grabs and pulls. Suddenly, Jane falls out of the snake, and the kids discuss the jacket's strange power.

The story jumps ahead. Now, Jane is wearing Lizzy's slippers, which turn her into a rabbit. Jane suspects that the slippers will help her improve in track.