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Champion, also known as Champ, is one of the two tritagonists in the 2015 film Goosebumps. As described in the film, Champ was given the name Champion because his Mom and Dad both won bronze Olympic medals. Champ is played by Ryan Lee.


Goosebumps (film)

In the movie, Champ is Zach Cooper's best friend. One of Champ's most defining features is his cowardliness. When Zach and Champ sneak into R.L. Stine's house and unleash the Goosebumps monsters from their manuscripts, Champ joins R.L. Stine, Zach and Hannah. Champ is able to help Zach and Hannah because he was a Goosebumps fan as a kid, so he knows all the monsters weaknesses. When he saw Taylor in danger by the werewolf he had come over his fears. He leaped into action and wrestled the werewolf, protecting her. Afterward, Taylor thanked Champ for saving her life by hugging and then kissing him. He then became her new boyfriend because he didn't abandon her like her ex-boyfriend did, and because he was brave.

General information


Champ is the opposite of his parents - who are athletic and smart. Champ lacks common sense, taking him extra time to figure things out, and is scared of most things.  But when push comes to shove, and someone he cares about is in danger, he's brave and smart.  As evident when his crush Taylor was cornered by the Werewolf of Fever Swamp and he risked his own life by biting the beast knowing his silver fillings would cause it pain and thus saving her.