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Camp Full Moon, a sleepaway camp, is the main setting for the nineteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Return to Ghost Camp.


It's not entirely clear if Camp Full Moon is exclusively for boys or if it provides a separate girls' camp. Dustin Minium is told there's a girls' camp, but this claim is eventually drawn into question. One thing that is certain, the campers at Camp Full Moon are referred to as Mooners. Returning campers get to be called Full Mooners, and new campers are referred to as New Mooners.

The camp's leader, Uncle Lou, tells a story that took place twenty-five years earlier, on the camp's opening day. A camper named Johnny Grant walked into the woods alone; shortly thereafter, other campers heard the boy's screams. The boy fell victim to The Snatcher, a shape-shifting spirit that's well known among local people. Ultimately, The Snatcher turns out to be real, making it unclear how much — if any — of Uncle Lou's story was made up.

The Snatcher, which likes to take the form of a fox, reportedly attacks one victim each year. Afterwards, the victim returns as a ghost and is forced to stay at Camp Full Moon until someone can successfully escape The Snatcher by crossing the river that neighbors the camp. Dustin manages to do this, destroying The Snatcher and setting the ghosts free, but he quickly realizes that he's lost in the woods.


The camp's staff wears navy-blue t-shirts, each featuring the camp's name written on the front in yellow letters. While Camp Full Moon features many counselors, only one is directly named: Nate. Uncle Lou also serves as a counselor, despite never being explicitly addressed as such.


  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Basketball (suggested by cover artwork)
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming


Baseball diamond

Located near the mess hall is the camp's baseball diamond.


According to Dustin, there are a group of green cabins facing the lake. Each cabin is named, and campers are assigned to the cabins they'll be staying in. The two cabins that are named are Apache and Cherokee. The Cherokee cabin is dilapidated and further back than the other cabins, while the Apache cabin is quite nice.


Surrounded by a circle of stones is the campfire. It is always lit on the first night of camp each year. Kids gather around it and socialize or eat food.


A "sparkling blue lake" located next to the camp's cabins. A diving board and a wooden dock for harboring canoes protrude into it. It's possible that the lake is related to the river that runs through the woods.

Mess hall

A long cobblestone building where campers go to eat meals. A payphone is located on one side of the building, but campers aren't supposed to use it.


Located in the woods is a river. It holds a spiritual significance, as crossing it means escaping The Snatcher. However, swimming in the river could be deadly; hoards of monstrous green hands will reach out and try to drag down anyone who attempts to pass.


The woods surrounding Camp Full Moon are incredibly dense and home to foxes.

While Dustin is told that there is a girls' camp and a nearby highway across the river, both of these claims remain unconfirmed.


  • Despite their similarities, Camp Full Moon is evidently unrelated to Camp Spirit Moon from the original series book, Ghost Camp.
  • R.L. Stine's nineteenth entry in the Fear Street series, Sunburn, references a camp called "Camp Full Moon". This similarity is likely coincidental, as Sunburn was released roughly six years prior to Return to Ghost Camp.