Camp Cold Lake, a water sports camp, is the main setting for the fifty-sixth Goosebumps book, The Curse of Camp Cold Lake.


Camp Cold Lake is based beside its namesake, Cold Lake. The camp is located near a town, but the two are separated by woods. In these woods live spiders and snakes. The camp has twenty rules designed to keep its campers safe. One of the most noteworthy rules is the "buddy system," which requires that every camper be paired with one other before entering the lake.

According to the head counselor, no campers have ever drowned at Camp Cold Lake. Sarah Maas is initially suspicious of this claim, as she is haunted by a ghost named Della throughout the duration of her stay. This ghost is desperately searching for a "buddy" to be with in the afterlife. Della ultimately reveals that she didn't drown; she was bitten by a snake in the nearby woods. Sarah is saved by a girl named Briana, but Briana reveals she became a ghost after Della killed her. While Briana refused to be Della's buddy, she wants to be Sarah's buddy forever.


Counselors at Camp Cold Lake typically wear dark green camp shirts; though, these specific shirts don't seem to be mandatory at all times. While Camp Cold Lake features many counselors, only two are named.

  • Richard (head counselor)
  • Liz


  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
    • Certain campers are allowed to partake in a six-day canoeing trip.
  • Water-skiing

Camp song

When gathered around the campfire, campers can sing the camp's official song. Listed below are the partial lyrics overheard by Sarah Maas:

Wetter is better...
Get in the swim.
Show your vigor and vim...
Every son and daughter
should be in the water,
the cold, cold water
of Camp Cold Lake.


The cabins aren't described in detail. Sarah's cabin is said to have two sets of bunk beds inside and at least one window without a screen.
Located in a wide, flat clearing, this is a spot for campers to assemble and circle around a fire.
Cold Lake
True to its name, Cold Lake is cold. It is a sparkling green color and contains seaweed.
Connected to the lake, the wooden dock is dedicated for the camp's motorboats, but it's accessible to campers.
Head counselor's office
Head counselor Richard's office is described as being, "about the size of a closet". It is located inside the camp's lodge near the back.
A large meeting area for campers. Additionally, the building has wooden stairs leading into it.
Mess hall
A location within the lodge. This spot is the dedicated place for campers to eat meals.
Dense woods surround the camp, separating it from the nearby town. Various species of wildlife live there, such as squirrels, spiders, and snakes. Some of the latter two species are dangerous to humans.
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