The following is a list of characters from Calling All Creeps! and its television adaptation in the order they appear.


Character Medium Description
Ricky Beamer

Book and TV episode The protagonist and narrator. He is a skinny nerd who is tormented by all his classmates. He pulls a prank that causes alien lizard creatures to think he's their leader.
Mr. and Mrs. Beamer

Mr. Beamer:
Book and TV episode
Mrs. Beamer:
Ricky's parents. They like watching the weather channel.
Tasha McClain

Book and TV episode The bossy head of the school newspaper. She kicks Ricky off the paper for accidentally messing with her work and ruining an assignment.
Mrs. Richards

Book and TV episode The newspaper advisor. She is described as being very pretty. She used to be nice to Ricky but has been mean lately, most likely due to Tasha's influence.
Iris Candler

Book and TV episode A new girl in school who Ricky likes and befriends. She agrees that Tasha is mean and later helps Ricky pass himself off as a creep.
Jared, David, Brenda and Wart aka The Creeps

David, Brenda and Wart:
Book and TV episode
Four bullies that constantly torment Ricky. They turn out to be alien lizard people that want to turn all humans into creeps. They think Ricky is their commander.

Book The assistant editor on the newspaper. She has brown hair and looks down on Ricky, just like Tasha.
Mrs. Crawford

Book The school principal. She's lively and athletic despite how old she is.
Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Davis

Book and TV episode (Only one is present in the episode) The lunch ladies. They are sick of the kids making fun of their macaroni.
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