Briana is an antagonist in the fifty-sixth Goosebumps book, The Curse of Camp Cold Lake


Briana is visiting Camp Cold Lake for a second year. She shares a bunk with Sarah Maas, Meg, and Jan. She and Meg were bunk mates the year prior, and the two are looking forward to spending the summer together.

Briana and Sarah do not get off to a good start. Sarah does not want to sleep by the window and has a counselor ask Briana to switch beds with her. Briana is put off because she wanted to sleep under Meg. Briana gives Sarah a hard time after this, playing practical jokes on her with Meg.

When Sarah plays a joke back, by putting spiders in Briana's and Meg's beds, Briana scowls at and ignores Sarah. It is not until Sarah nearly dies by drowning that Briana attempts to reconcile with Sarah and start over.

One day, when Sarah is being harassed by Della, Briana goes up to Sarah to see how she is doing. Mistaking her for Della, Sarah screams at her to shut up. Briana's feelings are hurt. She tells Sarah she though Sarah wanted to be friends. Sarah tells Briana that she wasn't talking to her and points to Della, saying she was talking to Della. Sarah is not aware that Briana can see Della, too. Sarah remarks that Briana had the weidest expression on her face.

After that, Briana watches Sarah. She sees Sarah run off in the woods after nearly being killed by Della in the lake and follows her. She saves Sarah from being bitten by a snake and wards off Della, telling Della Sarah is her buddy. 


Briana was targeted by Della the prior year, much like how Della is targeting Sarah in the current year. Della was successful in killing Briana on the last day of camp. Briana didn't want to be Della's buddy, however, because she didn't like her. After warding off Della, Briana asks Sarah to be her buddy, holding up a poisonous snake.

General information

Physical appearance

Briana is an African-American girl with long cornrows. 

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