The following is a list of characters from Brain Juice in the order they are mentioned or appear.

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Character Description
Morggul and Gobbul

Morggul and Gobbul are a pair of aliens that are searching for intelligent human slaves to bring back to their home planet. They hide in the home of scientist Dr. Frank King in hopes of capturing him, however, their attention soon turns toward his niece and nephew, Lindy and Nathan.
Nathan Nichols

Nathan is one of the book's two main protagonists. He and his stepsister, Lindy, have a reputation of being the dumbest kids in their school. After they flunk their latest exam, the two enlist the help of their uncle, Dr. Frank King in hopes that he can give them something that will boost their intelligence. They seemingly get their wish when he gives them dosage of "Brain Juice". However, their newly found intelligence soon puts their lives in danger.
Lindy Nichols

Lindy is Nathan's stepsister. She is tall and thin, with auburn hair and green eyes. Like her brother, Lindy has a reputation for being unintelligent. When Lindy is given a sample of Brain Juice by her uncle, she finds her growing intellect is beginning to put a strain on her relationship with her friends.
Dr. Frank King

Dr. Frank King is a scientist and the uncle of Nathan and Lindy. Thinking he can make them smart, Nathan and Lindy come to their uncle for help. Thinking all they need is a boost in confidence, he gives them a placebo: a bottle of grape juice that he has labeled Brain Juice. Unbeknownst to him, the grape juice has been replaced by Brain Energizer Fluid by Morggul and Gobbul, and the drink soon turns Nathan and Lindy into geniuses.
Mr. John Tyssling

Mr. Tyssling is Nathan and Lindy's teacher. He tells the two if they want to get their grades up, they need to work and study harder.
Ellen Hassler, Wardell Greene, and Stan Garcia

Three of Nathan and Lindy's classmates who are known for being smart. They enjoy mocking the two for their lack of intelligence.
Brenda Nichols

Brenda is Lindy's younger sister. She often teases and berates her and Nathan.
Jenny King

Jenny is Nathan and Lindy's aunt, and the wife of Dr. Frank King.
Eddie Frinkes

Eddie is one of Nathan's friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Nichols

The parents of Nathan and Lindy. Lindy's mother married Nathan's father when the two were in third grade.
Gail and Erika

Gail are Erika are two of Lindy's friends. They no longer want to hang out with her when she begins acting like a genius.
Mrs. Lopez

Mrs. Lopez is the school principal. She expels Nathan and Lindy when they begin acting "too smart".
The Emperor

The ruler of Morggul and Gobbul's home planet. He desires intelligent human slaves to do his bidding and sends the two aliens to bring them to him. Nathan and Lindy manage to escape the emperor's wrath by pretending to lose their intelligence.
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