Bradley Wormser is an antagonist from the third book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series, Monster Blood for Breakfast!


Bradley is the obnoxious next door neighbor and classmate of Matt Daniels. He tends to just barge into the Daniels household whenever he pleases and either annoys Matt and his sister Livy, steals some of Matt's clothing, or messes around with Matt's laptop and buys strange items off the internet. He also constantly gets Matt in trouble, be it throwing a rock through Mr. Scotto's window, or trying to read answers from Matt's paper. When Bradley decides to rip off Matt's science fair project, that's the last straw for Matt, who attacks Bradley in the school hallway. Bradley uncharacteristically saves him from suspension, but swears to Matt that what he bought from the internet will change everything.

Bradley buys some Monster Blood off the internet (the process destroys Matt's computer) in hopes of becoming big and strong. However, Matt manages to take it away from Bradley. Unfortunately for Matt, he accidentally eats the Monster Blood in his cereal, causing him to grow into a giant. He soon finds Bradley in hopes that he knows a cure, but the Monster Blood eventually just expires on its own, causing Matt to shrink back to normal. At the school science fair, Bradley wins after stealing Matt's giant ivy plant, but the plant wraps itself around his leg.

General information

Physical appearance

Bradley is described as being tall and very skinny, resembling a worm.


Bradley is extremely obnoxious, often annoying everyone around him with his pranks and jokes. He also doesn't mind getting Matt in trouble, often saying "No biggie" over everything he does to Matt. He is also a thief, either taking some of Matt's belongings, or outright stealing his science fair ideas. He also seems to be sensitive about how skinny he is, which is the reason he bought the Monster Blood in hopes of becoming big and strong.

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