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The Blue Kerlew Hound is the main antagonist of the thirteenth Goosebumps HorrorLand book, When the Ghost Dog Howls.


In a little village in Scotland, a strange dog was seen wandering in the village with bluish fur. It was abnormally large too. And the next thing the villagers knew, bad luck was striking the village. So the villagers brought a sorcerer and asked him to banish the dog. All his spells did not work on the dog but one of his spells removed one of the dog's teeth. The dog escaped from the village and then the things were back to normal. The sorcerer also discovered that the tooth also granted wishes.

But one night the villagers hear a howling from the hill where the magician lived. The villagers hurried towards the house in which he lived, but it was too late. The magician was lying there ripped in pieces and the tooth was lying in a puddle. The tooth acts as a homing beacon so that the hound will find who took it and kill them like he did with the sorcerer.

Years later, the tooth was discovered by Jonathan Chiller and put in his shop. Andy Meadows and Marnie Myers bought it and started making wishes with it. The hound eventually found them, but they managed to give him his tooth back. However, Marnie found it again and took it, so the hound will likely come back for it.