The following is a list of characters from Beware, the Snowman in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
The Snowman

Book A snowman that initially claims that he is Jaclyn's father, but is actually a monster that has loomed over the village of Sherpia for almost a decade. The snowman was brought to life by a sorcerer and a sorceress.
Jaclyn DeForest

Book Jaclyn is twelve-years-old. She is forced to move to Sherpia with her aunt. As soon as she gets to town, she is reminded of a poem that her mother read to her when she was young. The poem warns of a living snowman.
Jaclyn's mother

Book While never seen or explicitly named, Jaclyn's mother is an important influence on Jaclyn throughout the story. When Jaclyn was young, her mother would read poetry to her. However, Jaclyn's mother passed away when she was young.
Aunt Greta

Book After Jaclyn's mother passed, Aunt Greta began taking care of Jaclyn. She has gray hair, and she is fairly stern.

Book Conrad is a strange old man who lives at the bottom of the mountain that overlooks Sherpia. Some of the local kids have theorized that he works for the snowman that allegedly lives on the mountain. As it is revealed in the end of the book, Conrad is Jaclyn's father; he and Jaclyn's mother were both sorcerers. They collectively brought an evil snowman to life.
Eli Browning

Book Eli, a young resident of Sherpia, befriends Jaclyn. He says that he has seen the snowman that lives on the mountain.
Rolonda Browning

Book Rolonda, the sister of Eli, also befriends Jaclyn. She tells Jaclyn the backstory of the snowman that supposedly lives on the mountain.

Book Wolfbane is Conrad's well-trained, white wolf.

Book Though they appear throughout the book, the snowmen seen scattered about the town are brought to life at the end of the book. The snowmen end up saving Jaclyn and her aunt.
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