Benjamin Marple


Benjamin Marple, also known as The Haunter, is the antagonist of the fourth Goosebumps Most Wanted: Special Edition book, The Haunter.


Legend states that years ago, Benjamin was hit by a big lightning bolt while he his parent were out, killing him. His parents were too distraught when they discovered this that they left town, leaving his ghost behind. He now haunts the house, screaming for his parents, who never come.

One Halloween, Sammy Baker visited the Marple House, as part of a school assignment to discover if haunted houses are real or not. The group started experiencing weird happenings, such as getting a recording of a voice saying they'll never leave alive. At one point, Sammy felt himself being held in place, but he soon regained control and brushed it off. They soon left.

Over the next few weeks, Benjamin invaded Sammy's mind and started to force him to do things, such as doing jumping jacks on his desk, doing a silly dance during an assembling, and dancing on the school roof. At one point, he gets Sammy stuck in a tree and tells him he needs to kill Sammy, then they can have real fun. He said he's been lonely all these years, so he wants to make Sammy a ghost so they can be friends.

Sammy tried going back to the Marple house so Benjamin could stay there. Instead, he dragged Sammy into a door that was "the door between life and death". Going through the door turned Sammy into a ghost, and Benjamin took him over to Sammy's school so that they could mess with Rubin, a bully that had been harassing him. After a day, Sammy no longer wanted to be a ghost and while he claimed there was no way to reverse this, Sammy was able to become alive again by simply going through the strange door once more.

However, Benjamin went through the door as well, and this brought him back to life. Because they went together, they are forever connected so the next day, he showed up at Sammy's school and started making him dance on the school's roof once again.

General information


While it is unknown what Benjamin was like when he was alive, as a ghost he claims to be lonely but is also shown to be so desperate for Sammy to be friend that he constantly tries to kill him.

Physical appearance

He has brown hair and dark, serious eyes, with a face as white as flour.


  • He is not actually referred to as "The Haunter" at any point.
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