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Ben Jackson is the second protagonist next to main character Tommy Frazer in the fifty-ninth Goosebumps book, The Haunted School.


Not much is known about Ben's family, except he stated early on in the book that he had a brother. Like Thalia, Ben befriended the new kid, Tommy Frazer. Ben assists Thalia and Tommy with decorating for the upcoming dance at Bell Valley Middle School. Ben accompanied Tommy to the colorless dimension, Grayworld. In Grayworld, Unlike Tommy, Ben didn't believe that the kids in Grayworld were sent there by a photographer. Ben quickly began to panic when he and Tommy started losing their color rapidly. Ben was equally scared when he and Tommy are confronted by the insane members of the class of 1947. Eventually, it was revealed that Thalia is the only one who escaped Grayworld. Ben begged Thalia to help the other kids get back to the world of color. Thalia complied and helps free the kids. At the end of the book it is implied that Ben is also sent back to Grayworld permanently by the same photographer, Mr. Chameleon, who imprisoned the class of 1947.

General information

Physical appearance

Ben is said to resemble Thalia. Both kids have blond hair and blue eyes. In addition to this, Ben and Thalia are both tall and thin. Ben and Thalia are often thought as siblings, even though they're not related.


Ben is fairly friendly and enjoy making jokes, but he can be serious when he needs to be. Unlike Tommy, Ben is quick to panic once he is trapped in Grayworld.