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"Bats About Bats" is the ninth story in the book Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Suzanne and Liz, can't stand bats. Suzanne finds them gross, as they make her think of vampires. However, a new girl in school named Dorrie Morrow is obsessed with bats. She aspires to be a bat scientist, just like her parents. Suzanne comes up with a plan to show Dorrie how scary bats can be. First, the two girls recruit Liz's brother and have him dress up like a vampire. Next, the two girls invite Dorrie to a sleepover and show her a vampire movie. During the night, Liz's brother sneaks in and terrifies Dorrie. After pulling their prank, the girls quickly reveal that they were joking, but Dorrie is upset and hurriedly runs off.

The following day, Dorrie calls Suzanne and invites her and Liz over on Halloween night. After the two girls arrive, Dorrie leads them to her parents' lab. To the guests' horror, they find two human-sized bats waiting for them. They turn to Dorrie, who's now transformed into a bat as well. Dorrie tells the girls that they shouldn't be afraid, as she'd already informed them that she wanted to be a bat scientist like her parents.


  • This story references Dracula.
  • Liz has a brother named Mike. Mike was the name of the protagonist in the previous story, The Goblin's Glare.
  • The bat that attacks Suzanne and Liz is described as being black but Dorrie claims it is a brown bat.