"Bad Hare Day" is the fourth episode of season two of the Goosebumps TV series, and the twenty-third episode overall. It premiered on September 14, 1996 on Fox Kids Network.



"Pick a card, any card," says Tim Swanson, an amateur magician who loves to perform magic tricks, especially before an enthusiastic audience. Someday, Tim hopes to be a real magician, as good as his idol, Amaz-O. But when Tim goes to Amaz-O’s magic show and participates in a disappearing act, he decides his hero is a total jerk! Tim steals Amaz-O’s secret bag of tricks, but he gets more than he bargained for — Amaz-O’s bag of tricks is full of live fluttering doves, hissing snakes... and one very angry rabbit!


Differences from the book

  • Unlike the book, Ginny accidentally makes herself disappear (by the magic curtain), not transformed into a rabbit. Also, unlike in the book, Ginny is not into karate.
  • Tim does not attempt a rabbit trick like he did in the book. His friend Foz plays a much smaller role in the episode, only appearing in the opening magic shop scene.
  • In the episode, the rabbit is an evil magician named El Sydney, whereas in the book, the rabbit is Amaz-O. Amaz-O had turned El Sydney into a rabbit to prevent him from using magic to take over the world. El Sydney had lied to Tim before, saying that he was Amaz-O's biggest fan, but was conned into being part of the act as a rabbit. There is no mention of Amaz-O using a wooden puppet at all in the episode.
  • Tim does not take a peek at the magic kit among arriving home the night of the performance; he and Ginny actually open it together as planned. Instead of an explosion sound effect, the case makes stereotypical cartoon sounds, ending in a flatulence-like noise (but still manages to startle the two nonetheless). There is no ball-and-cup trick, and Amaz-O's jacket only has a single phony snake that Tim knows right away is fake.
  • The ending of the television episode is a cliffhanger. At the rising action, El Sydney is now human and takes over the act by performing a decapitating "trick" on his two new rabbits (who are actually Amaz-O and Tim) as he asks for a volunteer. When Amaz-O says that he will figure out a way to get out of the situation, Tim replies "What, and quit show business?" The last sound made is a rimshot.

Other Media

Goosebumps Presents

No. Cover Release date Pages
Tv book 10
March 1997 57

Home releases

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Go Eat Worms

September 7, 2010 DVD

3-Pack Thriller


August 26, 2014 DVD


  • This episode was adapted into Goosebumps Presents book #10.
  • Tabitha Lupien (Ginny Swanson) played Jamie Gold in the season three episode "Click".
  • The scene with Malik pretending to have his hand hit by the blade was cut from some airings of the television episode.
  • Mr. Malik's actor Harvey Atkin is known for voicing Bowser "King Koopa" in the Dic Super Mario animated programs.
  • The closing credits for this episode used an alternate version of the main theme song. The altered theme uses an organ, trumpets, and drum-rolls to mimic carnival music.
Goosebumps Theme Song - Bad Hare Day Ver

Goosebumps Theme Song - Bad Hare Day Ver.


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