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The following is a list of characters from Attack of the Mutant and its television adaptation, in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Skipper Matthews

Book and TV episode Skipper is the book's protagonist and narrator. He collects and obsesses over comic books. He is also known to scoff at other people's interest, like his friend Wilson's stamp collection. When it seems as if his favorite supervillain, The Masked Mutant, has jumped from the page into the real world, Skipper realizes that only he can stop this threat.
Wilson Clark

Book and TV episode Wilson is a friend of Skipper's. He collects stamps and doesn't seem to understand Skipper's interest in comics.
The Masked Mutant

Book and TV episode Skipper's favorite comic book character and the star of a comic of the same name. The Masked Mutant is a shape-shifter, capable of transforming into anyone and anything. He expands his evil plans out into the real world, where he meets Skipper, whom he deems his new arch-nemesis.
The League of Good Guys

Book and TV episode A super-hero team that opposes the Masked Mutant. Their leader is the Galloping Gazelle, who Skipper finds tied up in the Masked Mutant's lair.
Mitzi Matthews

Book Skipper's bratty younger sister, who enjoys getting him in trouble.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthews

Book and TV episode Skipper and Mitzi's parents, who disapprove of their son's interest in comic books.

Book and TV episode A girl Skipper meets while on the bus to the Orthodontist. It is eventually revealed that she was The Masked Mutant in disguise.
Jimmy Starenko

Book Jimmy Starenko is the creator of The Masked Mutant and The League of Good Guys.
The Magnificent Molecule Man

Book Molecule Man is a supervillain working for The Masked Mutant. While posing as The Mutant, Skipper destroys him, thinking he killed the real one.
The Colossal Elastic Boy

Book and TV episode In an attempt to trick The Masked Mutant, Skipper says he is actually a hero named Elastic Boy. The villain falls for it and transforms into sulfuric acid to defeat him, however, The Mutant cannot shift back into his regular form and is seemingly destroyed. In the episode, Skipper gains elastic powers after his encounter with The Mutant.