The following is a list of characters from Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Drew Brockman

Book and TV episode Drew is the book's protagonist and narrator. She is twelve-years-old and has short, straight black hair. Drew loves Halloween, but the holiday is slowly getting ruined by neighborhood bullies, Tabitha and Lee. This year, Drew plans to get payback for their cruel pranks, but things don't go quite as expected on Halloween night.
Mr. and Mrs. Brockman

Book and TV episode Drew's parents. Her father calls her 'Elf' due to her short stature and pointy nose. Drew's mother is reluctant to let her daughter trick-or-treat this year, as a group of people recently went missing in a nearby town.
Walker Parkes

Book and TV episode Walker is Drew's best friend. He is angry at Tabitha and Lee for ruining his past two Halloweens.
Tabitha "Tabby" Weiss

Book and TV episode Tabby is one of two neighborhood pranksters that have made Drew and Walker miserable. She has long, straight blonde hair and green eyes. Drew's father calls Tabby "Little Miss Perfect" for her obsession over always looking good.
Lee Winston

Book and TV episode Lee is another prankster, and good friend to Tabitha. Drew describes him as tall, good-looking, and African-American. One previous Halloween, Lee hosted a party at his house. As a prank, he hired two friend to play pretend burglars.
Shane and Shana Martin

Book and TV episode Shane and Shana are twin siblings and friends to Drew and Walker. They both have round faces, curly blonde hair and red cheeks with cheery smiles. The two agree to help their friends get payback on Tabitha and Lee.
Todd Jeffrey and Joe

Book Todd and Joe are friends of Lee's. They pretended to break into his house as a prank on a previous Halloween.
Elderly Woman and Forrest

Book and TV episode A couple Drew has a dream about. They trap kids in their house so they can look at their costumes forever.
The Pumpkin Heads

Book and TV episode The Pumpkin Heads are mysterious beings that Drew, Walker, Tabitha, and Lee all encounter on Halloween night. The creatures have Jack-O'-Lanterns for heads, which shoot bright flames. The Pumpkin Heads lead the group to a mysterious neighborhood, where they are allowed all the candy they want. The beings force Tabitha and Lee to eat all their candy, and seem to want them to trick-or-treat forever. When Tabby and Lee run off in fear, it is revealed the Pumpkin Heads are really Shane and Shana, who are actually aliens. The others were their friends from their planet.
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