The following is a list of characters from Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls in the order they appear.


Character Description
Spencer Kassimir

The protagonist and narrator. He's scrawny and wishes he was cooler. He sometimes gets nightmares about the graveyard ghouls that supposedly haunt the local graveyard, and they start coming true when he accidentally knocks over the tombstone of Oswald Manse.
Mrs. Webster

Spencer's teacher. Spencer's report gives her the idea to go on a field trip to the local graveyard.
Audra Rusinas

Spencer's best friend, whom he has a crush on. She tries to get help when he is tied to a tombstone by bullies but she ends up getting possesed by Martin Manse.
Frank Foreman and Buddy Tanner

Two strong bullies who tease Spencer. They tie him to a tombstone, which allows Oswald to take over his body.
Jason Kassimir

Spencer's eight year old brother. Spencer borrows his backpack and has to go back to get it after he accidentally leaves it in the graveyard, and Jason is upset that he can't find it.
Remy and Charlotte Kassimir

Spencer's younger brother and sister. They like to play with their food during dinner, which means Spencer has to duck a lot.
Mr. and Mrs. Kassimir

Spencer's parents. Not much is revealed about them.

Spencer's cat. He's generally nice to Spencer but attacks rats. Spencer eventually takes over his body.
Graveyard Ghouls

Includes Oswald Manse and Martin Manse

Ghouls that are restless due to being buried on such a high hill. While most are harmless, Oswald and Martin are notorious for having killed so many people in life. They take over Spencer and Audra's bodies and cause tons of destruction.
Police officers

Two cops who raise their guns at Oswald in Spencer's body. Spencer manages to stop them before they can fire them off.
Mrs. Rusinas

Audra's mother. She hears Martin in Audra's body and Martin lies, saying "she" fell out of her bed.
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