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April is a character in the sixth Goosebumps book, Let's Get Invisible!.


While visiting her friend, Max Thompson, on his birthday, April and her friend, Erin are led upstairs into the attic. While up there, Max's dog, Whitey, accidentally stumbles upon an old mirror hidden away in a locked room. When Max pulls the string of the light overhanging the mirror, he vanishes completely. Upon pulling the chain again, he reappears. His friends are stunned, but thinks they are playing a joke.

As the days pass, the group of friends' interest in the mirror grows. Zack, another of Max's friends even gets the idea of making it a competition to see who can remain invisible the longest. Before long, everyone is using the mirror in order to get the best time. Everyone, except for April, who is reluctant and cautious over the potential danger the mirror could possess. Despite this, she is forced to be the timekeeper for her friends.

On the final day of using the mirror, a terrified Max urges April to go get help when he becomes visible again. The mirror is broken by Lefty, Max's brother, and April never discovers the truth about it and the evil reflections that came from it. However, it's possible Max filled her in about the events afterward.

General information


Max describes April as very shy. She warns her friends not to use the mirror, as it could be dangerous. Ultimately, she is proven right.

Physical appearance

Max describes April as having curly black hair, and dark, sad-looking eyes.