Andrea (better known by her nickname Andy) is a main character in Monster Blood, Monster Blood II, Monster Blood III, and Monster Blood IV. She is friends with Evan Ross and his cousin, Kermit Majors.


Monster Blood

Andy met a boy named Evan and she started to become friends with him. They got bored and went to town. They visited an old toy store she knew about found a can marked 'MONSTER BLOOD.' Because Evan found it, he kept it, and they tested it in Evan's Great Aunt Kathryn's backyard. They accidentally fed the Monster Blood to Evan's dog Trigger and a few days later, Trigger did not feel well. He met the bully's Rick and Tony Beymer which was bad because Andy got beat up while trying to help Evan and then Evan then had trouble because he found out the Monster Blood grows. So then Evan put the Monster Blood in a bath tub. About a few days later, Trigger was taken to a vet but the doctor couldn't help so Andy and Evan were left to the mystery by themselves, the black cat that Evan met in his past turned out to be an evil witch, Sarabeth! The now 10 foot high Trigger then defeated Sarabeth and the Monster Blood and saved the day! Before Evan left to get to his parents Andy asked if she could have some Monster Blood as a memento but when they stopped to get some... It disappeared.

Monster Blood II

Then in Monster Blood II, Andy's parents went to another country so luckily Andy had to stay where Evan lived, Atlanta. Andy had a little something with her to show Evan, but it wasn't a good thing because it was Monster Blood. Evan persuaded Andy that it was too dangerous to open again so they buried it. Conan Barber the big bully then stole the Monster Blood as a joke and took it to his house to put it in his room, meanwhile Andy and Evan made a choice to feed Cuddles the Hamster a bit of Monster Blood to get payback to Mr. Murphy. They searched the park they buried it in but could not find it. Evan thought Conan would have it so both the children sneak into Conan's house and steal the Monster Blood back with some trouble but they avoided it, Evan then decided not to payback Mr. Murphy because it was too risky. But Andy did it anyway which led to trouble. A few days later, Cuddles was destroying the school and Evan and Andy were worried but Evan stepped up with a plan anyway, but it failed so Evan ate some Monster Blood and fought Cuddles and won! Evan went home and celebrated the victory with Andy but Mr. Murphy gave Cuddles to Evan because Evan was so kind, Evan goes to get a drink and Andy has more Monster Blood sent from her parents from Germany and Cuddles eats some...

Monster Blood III

Also in Monster Blood III, Andy moves to Atlanta. Unfortunately, she meets Kermit, Evan's annoying little scientist cousin. He did lots of bad things to Evan like putting tarantulas on his head, doing trouble and blaming Evan for it, and worst of all hurting Conan and because Conan hates Evan, he hurts him instead for payback. So now Andy and Evan want to get revenge, but before that Kermit did stupid answers on Andy's homework and Andy's teacher said that they were incorrect and Andy needed to learn more maths. So that's when the kids had enough and Andy got more Monster Blood and showed Evan, Evan didn't want to but some time later he desperately agreed. They went on with the plan and Andy put some in one of Kermit's mixtures, but the Monster Blood and the mixture exploded, and Evan swallowed some! That led to being worse at baseball and the police and an angry mob chasing him, but Kermit mixed a few potions, and on the 3rd try, Evan went back to normal, but at the end, it was revealed Evan drank the wrong potion and shrank which sadly led to Trigger carrying Evan into the living room.

Monster Blood IV

Lastly in Monster Blood IV, Evan was stuck with Kermit for a week because his parents were in Tucson, Arizona. Luckily Andy helped him like always when he was with Kermit, but this time she has some tricks up her sleeve but one will go too far! She keeps launching rubber snakes into Evan's face in Monster Blood cans. One night, Andy sneaks into Kermit's House and wakes up Evan and Kermit, she now has a can with real Monster Blood so they go out and open it and comes out a blue type of Monster Blood that doesn't grow, but they soon find out it multiplies! Conan next door wakes up and asks what is going on so they lie and tell him that the blue substance is candy, Conan then whines about having the candy but goes back to his house anyway.

General information

Physical appearance

Andy is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall, and pretty. She has short wavy brown hair that is almost black, flashing dark-brown eyes, and a playful teasing smile.


Andy is funny, fearless and kind of crazy. She is quite mischievous with a love of jokes, really playful and quite tomboyish. She also likes to play jokes on some people — sometimes for fun and sometimes for revenge (if someone had been real mean to her and her friends).

There are moments when Andy was quite serious, such as when she and Evan had their run-ins with the Monster Blood. (However, unlike Evan, Andy still thinks the Monster Blood is cool, and would always take it out to play a mean joke on someone, in spite of Evan’s protests that it is dangerous.)

She can also be sympathetic to Evan if he was going through a hard time — such as when Kermit got him into trouble, or when Conan Barber (who was called Conan the Barbarian) picked on him. When Conan told her that the name Andy was a boy’s name, Andy asked him what kind of a name Conan was while returning his challenging stare right back at him, which surprised Conan and also made him wonder how she knew him.

Evan and Andy are shown to be very close friends, no matter what.

Andy really likes bright colors, and wears bright-colored clothes. Many kids initially laughed at her for this, but then changed their minds, and a few of them even began to copy her look, as they started to think she had style.

Andy hates being called Andrea because it sounds so stuck up, like she should be wearing a corduroy jumper with a prim, white blouse and walking a toy poodle. So she makes everyone call her Andy.

Andy cares a lot about animals. In the first Monster Blood, she took an interest in Trigger, and works on untying a cat from a tree, despite it scratching at her.



Television and Film


  • Sarah Podemski (television series)



  • Andy's surname was never said in any of the books.
  • In Monster Blood, Andy is the only character that is not afraid to open the can.
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