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Andrew Herman is the protagonist of the eighth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Fright Camp. He is usually seen alongside his brother, Tyler Herman. While the book is told from Andrew's perspective, the siblings are given comparable development.


Peculiarly, it's not revealed how old Andrew and Tyler are or which one of them is older. The brothers are likely close in age, as they share similar interests. Primarily, they both love the films of R.B. Farraday.

When the boys are given the opportunity to visit R.B. Farraday's Fright Camp, they leap at the offer. While on their way to camp, they befriend sisters Elizabeth and Meredith Friedman. However, while at the camp, the kids suspect that something strange is going on. Andrew and Tyler get put in "lucky" Cabin Three, but they're uncertain of what makes it lucky.

Ultimately, it's revealed that R.B. Farraday was trying to make the camp seem real so that he could capture real reactions while secretly recording the kids for a documentary he's creating. Andrew and Tyler get to be the documentary's protagonists because they were in the "lucky" cabin. Upset, the four friends retaliate by pranking Farraday, making him think that they're in danger. Farraday retaliates by pranking them into thinking wasps are attacking.

General information


Andrew and Tyler have an entirely friendly relationship, which is somewhat uncommon for siblings throughout Goosebumps. Andrew is mostly serious, but Tyler tends to act silly and tries to make others laugh.

Physical appearance

Both boys have straight brown hair and round dark eyes. They differ in that Andrew tends to wear a more serious expression, and Tyler prefers looking "goofy."

Andrew describes Tyler as especially skinny.