Amy Suskind is a character in the ninth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Are You Terrified Yet?.


After witnessing new kid Craig Morgenstern rescue a baby from a potentially fatal car accident, Amy takes an interest in him, and the two become fast friends. While this action brings Craig newfound attention, not everyone is convinced he's as brave as he seems. Amy's friends Travis and Brad become determined to scare Craig. 

Defending her new friend, Amy bets the two that there's nothing they can do that could possibly frighten Craig. Accepting, the two begin to challenge Craig to dangerous situations, all in an effort to expose him as a scaredy cat. While Amy tries her best to help Craig, her big mouth keeps spelling trouble for Craig. Without intending to, she ups the ante of Craig's challenges, much to his annoyance. 

In his final challenge, Craig is led to a funeral parlor, where he is forced to lie in a coffin containing a real corpse. However, things quickly turn horrifying when the other corpses in the parlor spring to life and begin to stagger towards Amy and her friends. She begs Craig to do something, before she eventually flees in terror.

General information


While Amy is very defensive of Craig, she leads to him getting into more trouble than he wants. On several occasions, Craig tries to reveal the truth about himself to her, but it goes over her head every time. She seems more interested in winning the money the bets bring than she does Craig's wellbeing.

Physical appearance

The book describes Amy as having dark eyes, alongside curly, black hair.

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