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Alone in Snakebite Canyon is the twenty-sixth book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1998.

The cover illustration depicts a giant rattlesnake about to strike. There are several other rattlesnakes in the desert behind it.



Want to fly like an eagle?

Better yet, want to be an eagle? Or a bear? Or a fish? Then check out the souvenir shop in Snakebite Canyon. They've got a pair of dried-up snake eyes with the power to turn you into a real animal.

Maybe you'd like to buy a map of the lost gold mine. You could strike it rich. Or you could get attacked by a giant kid-eating spider!

The choice is yours in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super-spooky endings!


You, your parents, and your annoying older brother Pete go to Lonestar National Park. While camping in the desert, you find a shop and can buy one of two valuable items. One is a pair of magic snake eyes that allow the wearer to transform into different animals. The other is a map to an old, deadly gold mine. If you choose the magic snake eyes, you may transform into any of several different animals including a bear, a fish, and a falcon, while the choice of the map results in the necessity to solve a riddle.

List of endings

There are seventeen bad endings, one ambiguous ending and six good endings.

Bad endings

Ending Paths

As a fish, you eat a lure and get caught by a fisherman.

  • 26-8-37-53-113

As an owl, you decide to land in front of some tourists and scare them by changing back into a human in front of them. But when you change back, you're completely naked (you don't die in this ending, but you *do* end up in an embarrassing situation).

  • 26-8-37-78-34-60

You turn into a raven and get stuck in a zoo. You are unable to leave, because to change into another animal you would need to be hungry - and you can't stop yourself eating the delicious bird food your keepers give you.

  • 26-8-37-78-52

As a mosquito, you try to hide inside a bat-infested cavern and get eaten by a bat.

  • 26-8-101-12-47-20

As a tarantula, you slowly crawl onto a busy road and get squashed by a truck.

  • 26-8-101-12-47-51

When you become a rat, the other rats think that you stole the snake eyes - which are their "crown jewels" because the snake is their king. It's implied the snake will eat you.

  • 26-8-101-35-116-81

The snake turns you into a mouse and it's implied that he eats you.

  • 26-32-73-92

You become half-human, half-hummingbird.

  • 26-32-73-118-120

As a bear, you will be sent to Alaska for causing trouble in the park.

  • 26-32-104-96

You and Pete are both devoured by a bear trap after being tricked into thinking it contained the entrance to the mine.

  • 60-45-105-59-124-13-108-131-8

Trying to get away from the ghosts guarding the mine, you lie that you don't actually want to claim the gold. The ghosts say that in that case, you can help them guard the gold. They kill you and Pete so you can join them.

  • 77-24-43-28-39

You fail to solve the Watchers' riddle, so they rip out your and Pete's eyes to add to their collection.

  • 77-24-114-19-59

Getting trapped in a collar forever after unlocking the panther inside it - the panther needed you to take their place. Pete goes for help, but you realize he will never be able to find you again because he forgot to take the map.

  • 77-24-114-19-128-25

Pete and you decide to take a shortcut in a gold mine, but fall down a slope and are apparently eaten by a mountain lion.

  • 77-49-6-16

You enter the Golden Chamber without the key and are eaten by the panther that guards the gold.

  • 77-49-98-42-23

You get hit by a mine-cart and presumably die.

  • 77-49-98-42-27

As a snake, you're caught by a hunter who plans to sell you to be made into a purse.

  • 77-49-98-108-11-119

You unlock a trap, which comes to life and eats you, finally biting off your head.

  • 77-49-98-108-50

Ambiguous endings

Ending Paths

You turn back into a human but you swallowed one of the eyes. As a result, you can now never stop eating because if your stomach rumbles you will change into another animal.

  • 26-8-37-78-34-124

Good endings

Ending Paths

You turn back into a human and return the snake's eyes. He turns your teeth permanently into snake fangs as a souvenir of your adventure.

  • 26-8-101-35-87-63

Becoming the leader of the kangaroo rats, you cannot change back into a human, since the rats keep the snake eyes heavily guarded as their "crown jewels", but, at least, you enjoy being in charge.

  • 26-8-101-35-116-70

You turn back into your human form. In gratitude for you returning his eyes, the snake lets you change into whatever animal you wish for the rest of your vacation. You intend to show off to Pete.

  • 26-32-73-118-22-80

As a bear, you are sent to a lab for research. You have a happy life as one, since the scientists give you delicious food and you get to hibernate in winter.

  • 26-32-104-65-83

You enter the Golden Chamber, but the gold is guarded by a panther. You manage to lock the panther inside a treasure chest, and can now safely access the gold.

  • 77-24-114-19-128-67

International releases




  • The back cover tagline is a reference to the 1954 blues song "Shake, Rattle and Roll". The first line of the blurb is likely a reference to "Fly Like an Eagle" by The Steve Miller Band.
  • The bear that you change into in this book does not normally hibernate. However, in one ending it is implied that you do.
  • You can get to page 58 by four different decisions. Also, you can get to 95 and 13 by two.
  • There is a page in Story B that you need to have collected an item before you reach it to pass (there's two different ways to get the item). However, you can also reach this page in Story A where the item does not exist, so you lose automatically.
  • At one point in the story, the protagonist has transformed back from a bird and lands in front of their sibling and joins them in their quest. There is no mention of the protagonist being nude.
  • Six endings involve you being eaten.
  • The Spanish cover is the only cover that features completely different art.