Alison Moore is the protagonist of the first Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Cry of the Cat, and its television adaptation.


Alison and her friend, Ryan were set to star in a school play entitled The Princess and the Jewell Thief. While on her way to practice, she ran over a cat. Allison soon found out he belonged to a girl named Crystal. Upon seeing the dead cat, she was hysteric and cried out that her mother will not be happy. Just as she did, the cat, who is named, who is named Rip, sprung back to life. Crystal warned Alison that Rip is not a normal cat, and that she should not have messed with him. 

After her talk with Crystal, Alison begun to see Rip everywhere, even during rehearsal for the play. Each encounter led to Rip being killed in a different way, but the cat always seems to come back. Eventually, Rip scratched Alison, and she begins to exhibit cat-like behavior. Crystal's mother told Alison that Rip can only be killed if all of his nine lives are used up. Alison is able to successfully lure Rip into a trap and kill him.

In the end, it is revealed that Alison is still part cat.

General information


Alison appears to love acting, and seems to be very resourceful when facing off against Rip. In the television episode, she acts brattier and express disinterest in acting in the film her agent made her star in.

Physical appearance

The book describes Alison as having straight black hair, with round olive-green eyes.


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