"Aliens in the Garden" is the ninth story from Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


During a lightning storm, Kurt sees a spaceship land in his garden. He goes to investigate but is stopped by Flip, the local bully. Flip looks at the spaceship and thinks it's a toy. Before Flip can do any damage, a ray of blue light hits him. Kurt is shocked to see three aliens standing before him. He attempts to communicate with them to no avail.

Later, his friend, Jenna, arrives and is shocked to learn of Kurt's discovery. Before long, Flip comes back with his cousin, seeking revenge. Kurt and Jenna protect the aliens, allowing the beings to travel back home. After this, Kurt discovers a piece of one of the alien's suits, and it has a strange symbol on it: the American flag. Jenna and Kurt question what it could mean.


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