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Alicia acts as a harbinger in the thirty-third Goosebumps book, The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Hiding behind a tree, she warns Wendy not to enter Camp Jellyjam.


Alicia first appears when Buddy is escorting Wendy and Elliot to Camp Jellyjam. She pokes her head out from behind a tree and whispers to Wendy to run away from the camp.

She appears again when Wendy, Ivy, and Jan are out past curfew searching for Dierdre. She is crying and yells, "Help me!" She tells the girls that she followed the camp counselors and saw something terrible. She says that she has been trying to warn people, and that everyone needs to run away. She vanishes when Wendy, Ivy, and Jan get distracted by two camp counselors.

Wendy asks Buddy about her the next morning. Buddy checks his clipboard and says she is gone like Wendy's friend Dierdre.

Alicia is later found with Dierdre in King Jellyjam's lair. She has become one of his slaves. She is crying as she washes King Jellyjam off with a hose. 

When Wendy returns to the lair with Elliot and yells for all the kids to lay flat on the ground, Alicia is the first kid King Jellyjam tries to grab. She yells, "He's going to eat me!" and starts to get up, but lays back down after instruction from Wendy. King Jellyjam can't grab her with his fat fingers. 

She is saved by Wendy and exits the lair with the other kids. 

General information

Physical appearance

Alicia is described to look about six or seven. She has long bright red hair and a face full of freckles.


Alicia is seen to be constantly on edge, crying and scared. She was brave enough to remain in Camp Jellyjam to warn other kids to escape rather than just running away herself.

List of appearances

Title Role Date Series Type
The Horror at Camp Jellyjam Harbinger 1995 Goosebumps Book
Scary Summer: "The Horror at Camp Jellyjam" 2007 Goosebumps Graphix Comic book


  • Alicia became a slave for King Jellyjam because she discovered the creature while following camp counselors. This makes her the only character who became a slave without winning six King Coins.